Post-Conviction Relief Attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio

Find New Evidence for Your Case After a Conviction?

Get a Post-Conviction Attorney in Cincinnati

Did you find new evidence that could have changed the outcome of your case? It's not too late to use it. A post-conviction attorney with the Law Office of Karen Oakley in Cincinnati, Ohio, can help.

We'll file a post-conviction relief argument with the court and present the new evidence to help you get a new trial or a modified sentence. Reach out to us today to learn more about the post-conviction relief process.

Common Arguments for Post-Conviction Relief

Many types of evidence can make a difference in a case. Our post-conviction attorney most commonly sees:

  • Evidence of perjury.
  • DNA evidence proving innocence.
  • Evidence of juror or prosecution misconduct.
  • Poor attorney counseling during the original case.
  • Changes in the law made after the original verdict.

Don't give up your fight. Set up an appointment with us to start the post-conviction relief process.

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