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Juvenile Defense Attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio

Don't Let a Mistake Ruin Your Future

Retain a Juvenile Defense Attorney in Cincinnati

Everyone makes mistakes. But as a minor, you don't want your mistakes to stay with you throughout your adult life. If you need a juvenile defense attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio, turn to the Law Office of Karen Oakley, LLC.

We're passionate about helping our minor clients turn their lives around and that starts with getting the best possible outcome for their case. Set up an appointment with our juvenile crime attorney today to start building your defense.

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Taking on All Cases, No Matter How Big

Our juvenile defense attorney won't back down from any case. We can represent minors facing felony charges, including:

  • Murder.

  • Grand theft auto.

  • Possession of drugs on school grounds.

Don't wait to retain a lawyer after you've been charged. Meet with our juvenile crime attorney right away to discuss your case.